Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

LSNV now provides legal assistance for a number of tax related matters.  Persons seeking legal assistance may call our main office number 703/778-6800 during office hours to be screened for eligibility.  You may also apply anytime on-line here on our website.  All appointments take place at our Fairfax, Virginia office.

Types of Services:

  • Audit or Examinations
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Deficiency Notices/Tax Court
  • Liens and Levies
  • Innocent Spouse Relief Requests
  • Injured Spouse Claims
  • Employee/Independent Contractor Disputes
  • Installment Agreements
  • Settlements of Tax Debt (Offers-in-Compromise)
  • Tax Refund “Intercepts”

NOTE:  The LSNV LITC does not provide tax return preparation services.


LSNV files Amicus Brief with VA Supreme Ct

Legal Services of Northern Virginia, in partnership with the Virginia Poverty Law Center, the Legal Aid Justice Center, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, and National Association of Consumer Advocates, the National Consumer Law Center filed an Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court of Virginia requesting that the Supreme Court to reverse a trial court determination that a clear and convincing standard of proof applies to the Virginia Consumer Protection Act. Amici argued that the VCPA is intended to be applied as remedial legislation to promote fair and ethical standards of dealings between suppliers and the consuming public and that applying a higher standard of proof undermines the remedial purpose of the VCPA and is contrary to the intent of the General Assembly.

For a copy of the brief, please contact us.



LSNV Campaign for Equal Justice

The LSNV Campaign for Equal Justice supports the work of Legal Services of Northern Virginia. The Campaign references the core belief that civil legal aid assures fairness for all in the justice system – not just for those who can afford it. The Campaign is designed to create a reliable and sustainable source of funding so that LSNV can provide legal services in Northern Virginia to those less fortunate.

For almost 35 years, LSNV has been a vital part of the local community and the broader community. Last year alone, LSNV handled more than 5,500 cases that directly benefited more than 13,500 low-income Northern Virginians.

The recession, coupled with cuts in federal, state, and local funding, has meant that as the need for LSNV’s services has grown, it has become much harder to secure necessary funding. LSNV’s revenue is approximately $600,000 less than it was just a few years ago.

The LSNV Campaign for Equal Justice will help ensure that thousands of Northern Virginians have access to the justice they deserve for years to come. The need is great. For each person we help, we turn away one due to our limited resources. Each person and family that we could not help was just as deserving as those we serve.

Questions?  Contact Ann Brookover at

Campaign Committee Members (As of 10/20/2014):

  • M. Melissa Glassman, Mcquire Woods LLP
  • Bernard J. DiMuro, DiMuroGinsberg, PC
  • Barbara S. Williams, WilliamsFord
  • Robert J. Stoney, Blanckingship & Keith, P.C.
  • Andrea Bridgeman, Freddie Mac 




Pro Bono Task Force

LSNV has an internal Pro Bono Task Force to plan strategically around our many initiatives to use volunteer attorneys and law students.

Check our upcoming events listing regularly to see all the exciting trainings and events we have planned for the coming months!


Avoiding Homelessness and Combating Fraud

An LSNV staff attorney was representing a client in court because the landlord was suing the client for nonpayment of rent for a basement apartment the client and his family were renting. The LSNV attorney did some research and discovered that the basement unit violated zoning restrictions and that this landlord had previously been cited 6 times for the very same thing over the past five years.

The LSNV attorney counterclaimed against the landlord for fraud and a violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act. The LSNV attorney was able to settle the case so that the client did not owe the landlord any additional rent money, but rather the LSNV attorney was able to get the client $1,000 from the landlord! With our assistance the client and her family were able to stay in their home and avoid homelessness.


Avoiding Nursing Home Discharge

The client was homeless and was suffering from atrial fibrillation and was taken to the hospital for treatment. After hospitalization, he was transferred to a nursing home in order to receive skilled nursing care. He was approved for Medicaid Long Term Care, but then received a notice stating they had approved him in error. The nursing home was no longer being paid so they threatened to discharge the client due to non-payment. They issued a notice of discharge threatening to release him to a homeless shelter.

LSNV appealed the nursing home discharge with the Department of Medical Assistance Services. Additionally, LSNV coordinated with the county ombudsman and the Medicaid social worker and was able to successfully reinstate the client’s Medicaid Long Term Care. The nursing home rescinded the discharge notice and LSNV’s client continues to receive care at the nursing home.


Pro Bono Spotlight: Tom Murphy

TOM MURPHY of Hunton & Williams is a regular volunteer at Legal Services of Northern Virginia assisting indigent and underserved residents of Northern Virginia with employment issues.

Recently Mr. Murphy went above and beyond in a very limited time situation to assist a client in need of services. Our office greatly appreciates his contribution to our mission and his committment to pro bono work.

Thank you Mr. Murphy!


Keeping Families in their Homes

A client came to LSNV for assistance on a post-foreclosure eviction matter. The client has two children that she cares for, and brings in little income to support her family. Her husband moved to Bangladesh to look for work, and the family could not afford the mortgage on just the client’s income. LSNV attorneys were successful in negotiating an arrangement that would allow the client to stay another five weeks in the home and to receive $3,250 in a cash for keys agreement. The client moved out per the agreement and received the cash to cover her moving expenses. She and her children are currently renting an affordable apartment.